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We’re a global family of passionate gamers dedicated to revolutionizing the way video game data is presented and used.

Through partnerships with the biggest technology companies across Europe and North America, our comprehensive metadata fuels millions of consumer decisions every day.


The internet is a vast ocean of choices that is growing by the second. Companies try to personalize this chaos by reducing us to our mere browsing and purchase histories. But human beings are so much more than just that. We believe that the secret to truly knowing the person in front of the screen is in understanding their fundamental motivations and desires. 

This is the foundation on which we are building a revolutionary new discovery experience. 

By combining our unique and extensive metadata with cutting edge machine learning and a deep understanding of the human psyche, we are creating a truly personalized online experience for gamers.


"We are brought together by what we love and bound together by what we have."

– Karan Madon


We like to win at everything we do, it's in our DNA.


We’re more than just friends; we invest in each other personally and professionally.


Movement is life! We’re nimble in decision making and prompt in execution.


We work hard and play hard. Building something special takes both grit and a happy spirit.


"I am grateful for the opportunity Gameopedia has given me to follow my passion for gaming while learning new skills and gaining experience in the industry."

Yash Jain Game Content Analyst

"A culture that encourages you to achieve your ambitions, (even if it lies outside the company) is something that is rare to find and must be treasured."

Kevin Cyriac Tom Associate Writer

"My work at Gameopedia has given me many opportunities to constantly grow and learn new skills working alongside a dynamic team that's looking to help shape the future of the gaming industry."

Aiman Sattikar Team Lead

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